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All new mounting kits, brackets and accessories are now available.

Please view our interactive catalog to help with the assessment and selection of the correct perma lubrication system and mounted installation kit for your application/equipment.



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LOCATION: Charlotte, NC
ROLE TIME ALLOCATION: Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

The application engineer will be the primary technical resource to support the perma sales organization in the fi eld, and is responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage in the sales process. In addition the application engineer will manage the training department and program in a professional, efficient and effective manner. The position will be a key element of the H-T-L perma USA growth strategy. The role will come with responsibilities to capture, apply and leverage bearing, equipment and lubrication knowledge as well as relevant field experience for target industry sectors.

Product Videos

Our short, step by step video clips for CLASSIC, FUTURA, NOVA and STAR VARIO demonstrate how to assemble, install and exchange a perma lubrication system.

New Quick Start Activator

The activating screw for the perma CLASSIC and FUTURA now creates an immediate pressure build-up.  The end result is that the lubricant comes out much quicker and activates quicker in low temperatures.

In the past, you would have to activate the unit 1 to 3 days early to insure that lubricant came out of the lubricator immediately upon installation.  This step is no longer necessary.