perma launches new perma STAR VARIO EX & BLUETOOTH EX

Discover the first explosion proof electromechanical lubrication system

When it comes to efficiency, the correct maintenance of production plants is absolutely indispensable. perma first recognized this over 60 years ago and has been dedicated to developing ideal lubrication solutions ever since. Following the success of the perma STAR VARIO, perma is now launching its next product innovation of the product line.

The new perma STAR VARIO EX is an electromechanically driven single point lubrication system, enhanced with an additional feature: the certification for use in potentially explosive areas with gases (up to Zone 0 / Div 1) and dusts (up to Zone 20 / Div 1).

The new product is based on a further development of the tried and tested perma STAR VARIO high-quality lubrication system. As such, the perma STAR VARIO EX now enables the extremely precise automatic lubrication perma products are known for, even in hazardous environments.

The lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, sliding guides, open gears, gear racks, spindles, shaft seals and chains are characteristic fields of application for the new perma STAR VARIO EX. Thanks to its precise lubricant metering, the perma STAR VARIO EX is perfectly suited for electric motors with exact lubrication instructions. As a positive side effect, the lubrication point is simultaneously sealed against the ingress of solid or liquid contaminants.

From the chemical industry to the food industry and mining, the risk of explosion is an ongoing challenge. perma is dedicated to enhancing and ensuring the safety of maintenance operations, even under hazardous conditions

The perma STAR VARIO EX consists of an electromechanical drive, a lubricant cartridge, called STAR LC, and the STAR VARIO EX battery pack.

The lubrication system operates independently of temperature and pressure during the production process in a temperature range from -40 °F to +140 °F. With adjustable discharge time settings (monthly or weekly intervals) and four different sized STAR LC units (60, 120, 250 or 500 cm³), it is possible to respond to individual requirements of the lubrication point.

The drive is reusable. All the settings can be adjusted at any time via the LCD display. The operation is quick and self-explanatory using the button on the control panel. Thanks to the intrinsically safe Battery pack STAR VARIO EX, both battery pack and STAR LC can be replaced directly on site.

Although the perma STAR VARIO EX is a new product, the entire range of special ACCESSORY and INSTALLATION KITS of the STAR VARIO product line is suitable for its installation. These are adapted to the ambient circumstances that prevail at the lubrication point, including harsh conditions, and enable both direct and indirect mounting. Reliable lubrication with the new perma STAR VARIO EX allows for extended maintenance intervals, contributes to enhanced equipment availability and increases workplace safety significantly.



perma STAR VARIO BLUETOOTH EX comes with the same technical features as the perma STAR VARIO EX. For additional convenience, this variant allows for remote configuration, control, and maintenance via the perma CONNECT app, further enhancing maintenance efficiency.


Technical information:

Drive – reusable

Electromechanical drive


Battery pack – single use

Battery pack STAR VARIO EX (Lithium)

Replaced with LC


Discharge period STAR VARIO EX

STAR LC   60:  1-52 weeks / 1-24 months
STAR LC 120:  1-52 weeks / 1-12 months
STAR LC 250:  1-52 weeks / 1-12 months
STAR LC 500:  1-26 weeks / 1-6 months


STAR LC   60:  1-52 weeks / 1-12 months
STAR LC 120:  1-52 weeks / 1-12 months
STAR LC 250:  1-52 weeks / 1-12 months
STAR LC 500:  1-26 weeks / 1-6 months


Lubricant volume

60, 120, 250, 500 cm3 | 2.03, 4.06, 8.45, 16.91 oz


Operating temperature

-40 °C to 60 °C | -40 °F to 140 °F


Pressure build-up

7.5 bar | 109 psi


Protection class

Min. IP 54


Standard & special lubricants

Greases up to NLGI 2 | Oils



LC 60: Ø 75 x 155 mm | LC 120: Ø 75 x 178 mm

LC 250: Ø 75 x 228 mm | LC 500: Ø 75 x 324 mm


LC 60: Ø 2.95 x 6.10 inches| LC 120: Ø 2.95 x 7.01 inches

LC 250: Ø 2.95 x 8.98 inches | LC 500: Ø 2.95 x 324 12.76 inches