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Benefits of automatic lubrication Bearing life extension Contamination prevention Safe work practices perma SERVICE : Product- / Application flyer, perma SELECT APP, Videos / Photos, Installation Instructions perma SERVICE: Project Planning, Installation, Maintenance, perma MLP, perma ACADEMY 4–9 10–11 12–19 20–21 22–25 26–33 34–38 39 STEP 1: Assess application / equipment STEP 2: Assess installation method Assessment & selection procedure 4 simple STEPS to choose the right lubrication solution perma lubrication systems for Conveyors, Electric motors, Pumps, Blowers / Fans Direct mount / remote mount decision making STEP 3: Select system / lubricant STEP 4: Select mounting type / kit Selection single-point lubrication system Grease fill selection  Regular load / high speed greases  Multipurpose / extreme pressure greases INSTALLATION KITS Standard Duty: Beam clamp mount, cage hanger mount, rail mount INSTALLATION KITS Heavy Duty: Beam clamp mount, cage hanger mount Accessories & mounting components Catalog information and part numbers for: Brackets, mounting beam clamps and cage hangers, hose and connector fittings, accessories for perma FLEX / perma STAR VARIO, angles, special purpose fittings, reducers and extensions 4 steps to the best practice lubrication solution 2 3 4 1 Over-lubrication Insufficient lubrication © 2019 - H-T-L perma USA LP | | 3