© 2019 – perma-tec GmbH&Co. KG | | 75 Applications / Machine elements Technical data Product characteristics Benefits Mounting device PRO PRO Drive (Zn) PRO LC (PC polyester) Distributor PRO MP-6 (Zn) Connecting cable PRO MP-6 14 cm Tube connectors for tube oø 8 mm Dimensions LC 250: Ø 92 x 358 mm LC 500: Ø 92 x 408 mm Pressure build-up to max. 25 bar allows remote mounting up to 5 m per outlet Additional discharge (purge) Setting via push button with display and LED Outlet display LED red / green = function Æ Æ Installation outside of dangerous areas or at easy-to-reach places increases workplace safety and saves time Æ Æ Higher equipment availability since LC can be easily exchanged during running operation Æ Æ Lubrication point can be purged to clear blockages Æ Æ Easy configuration of discharge period and outlets Æ Æ Display of remaining volume and active outlets Æ Æ Status control on display Æ Æ Easy to set and change at any time Æ Æ Freely selectable PIN protects against possible tampering MP-6 distributor with 6 outlets – number of active outlets can be user-defined Æ Æ Supply of 1 to 6 lubrication points with same lubricant amount Æ Æ Precise supply of lubrication points Æ Æ Lubrication point monitoring Applications for perma PRO MP-6 and perma PRO C MP-6 multi-point lubrication system include roller and sliding bearings, linear guides, open gears, spindles as well as shaft seals on motors, generators, pumps and fans. Applications range from the automotive industry and combined heat and power stations, to the paper industry and mining, and steel industry sectors. Drive – reusable PRO MP-6: Battery operation PRO C MP-6: External power supply 15–30 V | 120 mA Discharge periods 1 day to 24 months Lubricant volume 250 cm³ or 500 cm³ Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C Pressure build-up Max. 25bar Mounting with <5 m grease line per outlet Standard & special lubricants Greases up to NLGI 2 Create your perma PRO system in 3 steps: Æ Æ Refer to page 92 for article numbers The grease used to prefill grease lines must match the grease filled in PRO LC. 400 g cartridges for prefilling can be found on page 86. perma PRO Basic system battery operated or perma PRO C Basic system with external power supply Accessory kit PRO PRO LC and Cover