| 76 perma PRO LINE / perma PRO C LINE Precise lubrication system for linear guides Flexible multi-point lubrication systems for 1 to 6 lubrication points perma PRO LINE and perma PRO C LINE are flexible multi-point lubrication systems for linear guides. The discharge can be adapted precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications. The lubricant quantity and relubrication interval can be set flexibly for each of the six outlets. The PRO LC is filled with 250 or 500 cm³ of grease. The high pressure build-up enables remote mounting using grease lines of up to 5 meters per outlet. This increases workplace safety, at the same time allowing reliable lubrication of the running system. Reference * When using greases and grease line lengths (up to 3 m) approved by Bosch Rexroth at 25 °C.