perma Celebrates Grand Opening of New Production Facility with Strategic Distribution Partners

perma Celebrates Grand Opening of New Production Facility with Strategic Distribution Partners

Charlotte, NC, May 30, 2024— H-T-L perma USA, a German-based leading manufacturer of single-point lubrication systems, marked a significant milestone by inaugurating its state-of-the-art production facility in Charlotte to its US distribution partners. The state-of-the-art, 40,000 square foot campus is a beacon of innovation and growth, reflecting perma’s commitment to innovation and growth, after 3 decades of success on the American market.

The new manufacturing hub houses perma USA’s headquarters, production lines, and warehousing operations. The move to this spacious campus in January 2024 allows perma to streamline its processes and enhance efficiency. To commemorate this achievement, perma hosted a three-day company meeting, inviting its national strategic distributors. The event served as an opportunity for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and relationship-building.

Celebrating with Strategic Partners 

In honor of this significant milestone, perma hosted an exclusive three-day company meeting, bringing together its esteemed national strategic distributors. The festivities kicked off with guided tours of the facility, providing an inside look at perma’s operations. Employees and guests connected and celebrated during a traditional Carolinian BBQ summer festival night.

Insights, Innovation and Awards

Over the next two days, strategic partners gained valuable insights into latest product launches and developments. Training sessions focused on perma’s innovative solutions, reinforcing the company’s commitment to excellence. Johannes Kiesel, CEO of perma USA emphasized the importance of strategic distributors in reaching customers “The grand opening celebration reaffirmed the strong partnership between perma USA and its national distributors to support perma users across the country with the best solutions available on the market.”

Another highlight of the meeting was the perma strategic partners awards dinner, where longstanding national distributors were honored for their support and trust.

Looking to the Future

perma’s successful journey continues, by delivering reliable lubrication solutions to industries across the USA. The grand opening is more than a celebration; it’s proof of the company’s relentless pursuit of quality, growth, and collaborative success.