Regional Sales Manager - Great Lakes Region - Northern Illinois / Northern Indiana / Michigan

WE ARE LOOKING FOR:  Regional Sales Manager (RSM) - Great Lakes Region - Northern Illinois / Northern Indiana / Michigan

The primary role of a RSM is to prospect and develop new B2B relationships within key heavy industry sectors as well as manage and grow business within our existing customer base and distribution partners. The RSM is responsible to achieve pre-defined sales goals, objectives, and execution of overall company sales strategies. Furthermore, a RSM will be responsible to prepare…

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Asociado de Producción

ESTAMOS BUSCANDO:  Asociado de Producción

Un Asociado de Producción es responsable de la producción de todos los pedidos de lubricantes en el almacén de perma USA. Se espera que el asociado trabaje como miembro del equipo de producción, con la capacidad de comunicarse bien con los demás y operar de manera urgente. Deben poder concentrarse en la tarea en cuestión y estar listos para cambiar de dirección en cualquier momento (ayuda en otras áreas de producción según sea necesario). Además, el…

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perma MLP / perma MLP APP

The free perma MLP web application offers central management for lubrication points. perma MLP APP helps the maintenance staff record all maintenance and exchange work of perma lubrication systems on site.

Your benefits:

-Easy lubrication point management maintenance / exchange tasks will automatically be documented by scanning QR-codes on perma lubrication systems

-Tasks will be synchronized when the work on-site has been finished

-Maintenance work always on time thanks to…

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New perma Product Videos

What do I need for the installation of a perma lubrication system?
How do I program the right discharge period?
What should I consider when I exchange a perma lubrication system?

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perma Lubrication Systems for Conveyors

Euerdorf. In many industries, process safety depends on conveyor reliability. Conveyors are needed in all types of industries. They operate in difficult environments like the extreme weather of the quarrying industry or the hygienically sensitive conditions of the food industry. 

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perma Lubrication Systems for Electric Motors

Electric motors are found in all types of applications – fans, blowers, pumps, conveyors, etc. The importance of the electric motor is usually not recognized until it fails. Optimal lubrication is the key to increase process safety, equipment service life and productivity. 

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