perma MLP: Keeping track of lubrication - free software from perma-tec

Euerdorf. Industries all over the world have one common goal: No production downtime. Preventive maintenance is the key to keep machines running and to guarantee maximum productivity without lowering product quality. One of the main preventive maintenance tasks is lubrication. In order to keep track of all lubrication points, perma-tec developed a new software called perma MLP (Maintenance Lubrication Program).

perma MLP simplifies the planning of daily lubrication tasks. Once all lubrication points have been entered into the program, the operator will be automatically reminded on tasks due. Exchanges of empty lubrication systems are easily documented with a click of the mouse. You can also enter individual data and pictures about all your applications. For reorders, you can use the perma MLP to generate order lists.

You will always have a current overview of all lubrication points and maintenance tasks. The user friendly, online system can be accessed via smart phone, tablet and PC with internet connection, from all over the world. The program automatically does a backup and allows secure data exchange with co-workers. Once registered, you can access it at any time. No download necessary.

Forget manual lubrication lists and complex Excel files and register for your free perma MLP.

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