perma STAR VARIO Generation 2.0 – Redefines user-friendliness

Euerdorf – Lubrication plays an important role in maintenance programs. Equipment breakdowns caused by insufficient or incorrect lubrication can have fatal and costly consequences. In some cases they can even stop the entire production. Correct lubrication is therefore a basic requirement for trouble free operation. The new perma STAR VARIO ensures optimum lubrication regardless of changing temperatures, high counter pressure, or contamination at the lubrication point.

The electromechanical lubrication system was invented 15 years ago and has proven itself in all kinds of industries. The new version offers many improvements: LCD display with push button control, all around LED lights and a new design.

The LCD display with push button control is self-explanatory and makes programming extremely simple. The all around LED signal offers visual control of the operating status even from a distance. The system assembles and installs in just minutes. With a pressure build-up of up to 6 bar it works reliably over a wide temperature range from -10 °C to +60 °C.

Fast, easy set up
perma STAR VARIO consists of a transparent LC unit filled with oil or grease, a powerful battery set, and a reusable drive unit. Just insert the battery, screw drive unit and LC unit together, push the button to enter the desired discharge period (1 – 12 months) and LC size (60, 120, 250 cm³) and the system is ready to go.

One lubrication system for all types of applications
perma STAR VARIO is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications with high or low ambient temperatures. The high pressure build-up to 6 bar makes it possible to install perma STAR VARIO at remote locations, away from dangerous areas, with extension tubes up to a length of 5 meters. Not only does this save time when the lubrication system is exchanged, but it also tremendously reduces the risk of workplace accidents. With its three different sizes and many possible settings, perma STAR VARIO is a preferred system for electric motors with very specific relubrication amounts. The all around LED signal light lets you monitor the operational status from a distance. The new design protects the drive unit from water and makes the
system better suited for applications in moist and wet surroundings.

Environmentally friendly lubrication
perma STAR VARIO can be individually programmed to exactly meet the lubrication requirements of different applications. The system continuously discharges small lubricant amounts at specified intervals. This lowers lubricant consumption and prevents over lubrication and lubricant spills. The reusable drive unit reduces maintenance costs and saves valuable resources.

We are taking service a step further
Our extensive perma accessory range includes connecting parts for just about all applications like electric motors, conveyor systems, pumps, fans and blowers. To make your start into perma automatic lubrication easier, we have developed special mounting sets. Our perma SELECT software helps you find the ideal lubrication system and the most suitable lubricant for your application. You can download it free of charge. Our team of lubrication experts will be glad to answer any questions, assist you with challenging applications, or visit you on site.

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